A wide choice
of trailers in
the Laurentians

We sell reliable, quality utility trailers that are built to last. Whether you want a painted finish (choice of colors available) or a hassle-free galvanized product, you can pick from our trailers inventory or let us build a trailer for you according to your specifications.


Best ‘’Value for the Money’’

Our trailers are manufactured here in Quebec, in the Laurentians, made to last and built with solid materials and quality.

Trailers built to last

Our trailers are made of high-density steel, 3.500lbs axles, LED lighting, standard tie downs and more!

We are here to answer your questions

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email, we can assist you in your trailers approach.

High quality standards

Our trailers are rigorously checked and designed to meet or exceed the standards of the Quebec Ministry of Transportation.